Eligibility & Refund Policy

A defensive driving staff member will review all of your documentation and verify your eligibility before a classroom or online course begins. Eligibility requirements to attend a defensive driving course are: Students are eligible to attend a defensive driving course once every 12 months. Eligibility is determined by the date of your previous violation to your current violation date on your citation, not when you attended your last class. Your citation cannot involve serious injury or death. If you have a commercial driver’s license you are NOT ELIGIBLE to participate in a defensive driving program regardless of whether or not you were driving commercially at the time of the violation, even if your CDL has expired. You must have surrendered your CDL prior to the violation before you would be eligible to attend a defensive driving course. This course will only dismiss one (1) eligible moving violation on your citation. All other violations on your citation must be handled with the court that is listed on your citation. If you have a criminal violation on your citation you must have written permission from the judge to attend a defensive driving program. You must be the violator named and pictured on the citation to be eligible for this defensive driving course.*** It is the STUDENT'S responsibility to complete the classroom or online course at least 7 days prior to their court date.*** If a student goes past their court date you may be able to get an extension by calling the court. The Arizona Supreme court policy for refunds states, once a student begins a classroom or online defensive driving course; all fees associated with that defensive driving course are Non-refundable. Any student that provides any false information on the registration process or commits fraud during any portion of this course will be removed immediately from the school and will not be entitled to a school and state fee refund.

Online students, will receive No Refund once the online course has begun. After a student has started the course and receives a pass, fail, or decides to a attend a classroom course instead of retaking the online exam; a refund will not be given. If our online course fails and cannot be corrected within 24 hours, you may be entitled to a refund. Please also contact us with any questions or problems that may come up with the online course. If you attempt to circumvent the online course and are found cheating or committing fraud, you will be removed from the online program and not be entitled to a refund.*** It is the student’s responsibility to complete the online course at least 7 days prior to their court date.***