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Arizona Supreme Court Approved! Certificate # 49408

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Our school is approved and certified by the Supreme Court of Arizona. Our course is accepted by all courts in Arizona.
Our Classroom and Online course fee is $44.95 with no hidden costs. There are other fee's that make up the total defensive driving course cost which include: a state fee of $24.00, a state surcharge $45.00, and a court diversion fee (varies per court).
You will need to bring your citation, (ticket) or a legible copy of the citation for the instructor to keep. Also bring a government issued ID /Driver’s License, and a cashier’s check or money order made out to Drop the Ticket Traffic School. A snack and beverage are permitted. **Cash will NOT be accepted**
The court does not send any notification to us or to you when your ticket has been dismissed. If you would like to check the status of your case and verify the court received your completion, you can call the court directly to follow up. We recommend waiting until your court/arraignment date before calling to allow time for processing.
No. If you complete a defensive driving course at least seven days prior to your court date, you do not need to appear in court or pay your fine to the court.
Most courts will grant a one-time extension to complete defensive driving. Each court has different rules on how they grant extensions. For some courts, they will grant an extension over the phone. Others require you to appear in person before the judge. Call your court to find out about their extension policy.
Once we have reviewed your citation and driver's license, we send an email to let you know you can begin the course. This email is automated. If it has been over four hours, and you haven't heard from us, check your spam folder or junk mail or just try logging back into the course. If you still don't have access to the course, please contact our office right away 623-825-3555
No, you can log in and out of the course as many times as you’d like, at any time of the day, night, weekday or weekend.
By taking defensive driving, you prevent points from going on your driving record, and your insurance rates will not be affected. Most moving violations will add 3 points to your record and stay with you for at least 3 years. Once you pay your ticket those 3 points could affect your insurance $ 20.00 to $ 40.00 extra a month for the next 3 years. You will also learn valuable information about defensive driving and other driving techniques to keep you safe on the road.
If you have not started the course, we can process a refund. If you have already started the course, we can ONLY refund the court diversion fee.